Our work

We support disadvantaged young people by getting them into work and out of poverty

Working Together

We aim to create 1 million opportunities for young people to secure decent work through partnerships with YMCA’s and other youth-focused organisations. 

Partnering with local organisations means we can reach marginalised young people and communities often missed by traditional development programmes. We work hard to ensure young people play a key role in everything we do – from leading research and designing new programmes to implementing and evaluating our work. 

For over 35 years, we have been working hand in hand with partner organisations to successfully support some of the world’s most marginalised young women and men to access formal employment and set up their own businesses. 

We exist to enable young people to achieve their aspirations and contribute to the development of their communities. Young people have the talent; ideas; determination and passion. 

With your help, we can help young people overcome barriers and fulfil their ambitions.  

Our Vision 

A more just world where every young person can transform their own and others’ lives by earning a good living.


Our Mission 

We support the most disadvantaged young people to achieve their aspirations by getting into work and out of poverty.


Our Core Objective

In partnership with YMCAs and other youth focused organisations worldwide, we aim to create 1 million opportunities for decent work for young people. 


The Support

We Equip young people with the relevant skills and resources for sustainable work.

We Challenge discrimination to ensure all young people can contribute to society.

We Mobilise young people to campaign for their right to decent work.

We Provide technical expertise to deliver effective and efficient solutions.

We Inform a global community of impact enabling work to be done at scale.

We Adopt innovative approaches to drive growth in employment and enterprise.

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